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The Foundation organizes evacuation, accommodation and provision of necessary assistance to displaced refugees arriving in Poland from Ukraine.

During the specified period, 3 (three) hot food points were organized, warm food and clothing are being distributed, two points of temporary detention of migrants are equipped. The Foundation distributes hot meals in the amount of 150 to 200 daily.

During the specified time, 126 people received temporary asylum, including 68 children and 6 people with disabilities. We also evacuate English teachers with families to Oxford with food and accommodation. We register the disabled, which helps them to carry out their livelihoods.

The Foundation provides psychological assistance, which is so necessary for people who have seen all the horrors of war. Experienced psychologists and psychiatrists, with the assistance of the Foundation, opened psychological support centers in Warsaw (psychologist), Krakow (psychologist), Wroclaw (psychologist), Szczecin (psychiatrist), Olsztyn (psychiatrist). In Olsztyn there is a group of experienced psychologists-psychiatrists who provide emergency assistance in critical situations to both adults and children. The Foundation invites volunteer psychologists to cooperate.

The Foundation provides language support for refugees, providing Ukrainian-Polish translation services. Volunteers of the Foundation are on duty at the railway station, bus station, consult in the evening and at night, on weekends and holidays.